Eats, Shoots, Blues ‘n’ Roots 2009

April 19, 2009
LABJACD having a zany time

LABJACD having a zany time

Blues ‘n’ Roots 2009 @ Fremantle Esplanade

Every year, the Blues ‘n’ Roots festival makes its own unique demands upon music lovers. Chiefly, the complex logistics involved in AVOIDING some of the god-awful acts that play there. The John Butler Trio (Christ! Three times as bad as John Butler)? Missy Higgins (Jesus! Is she still barefoot?)? LABJACD (the notion that exuberance somehow creates good music)? Paul Kelly (pass the Nembutal)? Luka Bloom (what is Luka Bloom? Man? Woman? Algae?)? Read the rest of this entry »


Wolverine: Methinketh you doth seed too loudly

April 2, 2009


Was Wolverine’s “leaking” onto the torrents deliberate? In some ways the half-finished film is sexier than what it would likely be finished. Mmm, we’re seeing it with it’s clothes off… Raw CGI. Mwah, sends shivers up my geek back. Works for me. And no doubt works for the millions of teenagers now watching it (50K seeds when I peeked).

Maybe the kids can even finish it for 21st Century Faux! Rupert would be having a right laugh about that. Why leave the profit machine vulnerable to art. Just chuck it out there and let the “community” do the detail work.

Interestingly, the only media outlet that seems to be covering this story in any depth is the NY Times. I looked at Variety and (incredibly) couldn’t find it in the “news” listing. It’s a huge story, even if it doesn’t turn out to be deliberately leaked. No News Ltd coverage, unsurprisingly. Liev Schreiber’s great BTW.

Local Police Now Targeting: Women Removalists

April 2, 2009