Kill Devil Hills @ The Indi Bar


11th March 2009

The Indi Bar is still doing a cracking job of keeping its gig guide top secret. It was only thanks to a hand written notice pinned to the local supermarket’s community notice board that I was alerted to the fact that the Kill Devil Hills were playing last night.

One of the country’s best bands promoted via a community notice board? Fack, that doesn’t seem very rock ‘n’ roll to me. Or then again, maybe it’s so rock ‘n’ roll that it ceases to be rock ‘n’ roll at all. And anyway, in the case of the Kill Devil Hills, rock ‘n’ roll is only an abstract concept that exists solely to get the shit kicked out of it by the filthy alt-country raucousness that the Kill Devils do so magnificently.


Despite the Indi’s stealth promotion, the gig still managed to pull a hundred or so punters who were treated to an adjective-defying first-rate slab of fup duck mutant mountain-man music. The band delivered the best stuff from their first album and some new material as well with a performance that I felt privileged to witness. Really.

The standout of the new songs was “Roselea”, performed with such energy and emotion that the audience had to pick their jaws up off the floor afterwards. By god these guys can kick arse (what is that violin player on?). It was one of those gigs that you don’t forget.

So, take some time to reacquaint yourself with their first album and crawl over broken glass to get out and see them if you can.


4 Responses to Kill Devil Hills @ The Indi Bar

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