Harvey Milk Slapdown!

February 28, 2009


Ultimate freestyle milk fighting fans, join us for this keenly anticipated bout between heroic 70s gay rights activist Harvey Milk and his opponent, a feisty one-litre bottle of full-fat Harvey Fresh Milk. Who will triumph and emerge as the milkiest of them all? Read the rest of this entry »


Sub-Editing Skills Lost In Fire

February 11, 2009


“Australia fires claim more lives”


“Australia police target arsonists”

These two headlines are from the BBC News website. OK, I can hear you now. “Yeah, there’s an “N” missing from Australia, but geez Will, why be such a pedant about spelling and grammar?” Read the rest of this entry »

Return of the Merkin: Map-of-Tassie Mystery Deepens

February 4, 2009


“Blowing in the wind…” Reads the caption in the Sydney Morning Herald. Tres witty! Those Fairfax photo editors show just how hilarious they can be with this flattering shot of cricket WAG Jessica Bratich on the red linoleum at some cretinous awards night. But the unwritten subtext here (sniff, Fairfax does have standards, you know…) is “WTF is that dark patch between her legs?” Read the rest of this entry »