Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition: “West Australian Editor Dumped”


“West Australian Editor Dumped” reports Fairfax’s Schadenfreude Times; alongside a riveting article about a maverick cigarette butt. Well, that’s a fackin’ start, eh (er, the dumping, not the butt)? Now, Mr K. Stokes, can we pretty fackin’ please do something about Pam Casellas?

As a matter of common sense, I’m still unsure that ANY woman should be allowed to write a newspaper column. After all, they are a bit silly. It’s a bit like the current financial crisis; brought on because the authorities let ordinary people buy shares! My god! See what happens!?! For pity’s sake, let’s put the control of companies back into the hands of the rich and eccentric where it belongs.

But I digress. At least with News Corp female content androids like that irritatingly moonflowerish Ruth Ostrow and that intellectually indigestible Maushart woman, the grammar is passable and they write about things vaguely interesting to people living in the 21st century. Casellas’ homely columns, in contrast, seem directed toward emaciated settlers embarking on an ill-advised wagon train journey that will shortly be snowed in and who will eventually have to start eating each other. If aliens arrived on Earth, and landed in Perth, what would they deduce from reading Pam Casellas’ pieces in The West?

And while we’re considering the tawdry effluvium that passes for “name” content at The West, can we ask about Rod Moran, The West’s literary editor? Hmm, he must have edited the recent summer “literary” supplement that came with the weekend issue of the West; and, oh, what a delightful surprise; in a thoroughly Vogon-ish touch, it was FULL of Mr Moran’s own poetry!

This sort of fully-quilted-and-lightly-perfumed-soft-and-absorbent publishing is undoubtedly acceptable at places like the Albany Advertiser, but is it really what the readership of a city of 1.5 million people should be served up with their breakfast? Why can they not employ editors and writers who actually have a firm grip on time and space and can write about things that will galvanise, inspire and inform?

To be continued…


3 Responses to Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition: “West Australian Editor Dumped”

  1. claire says:

    Yay bloody yay
    maybe we can start buying the paper for more than just the horrorscopes …

  2. Pollyparrot says:

    what a mysogynistic tirade
    which cave did you crawl out of … obviously one firmly lodged in the 21st century BC

  3. blythspirit says:

    its all very well to deconstuct
    but what we need is reconstruct
    its hard to find
    the very right mind
    to put this fucking paper back on the right track that will make people read the stupid thing instead of interwebbing
    (ps same problem with last lines, but what the hell archie, what the hell)!

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