Internet Dating: Do You Want Lies With That?

January 29, 2009


When I was young it was pretty simple to find a girlfriend. You went to the pub, spotted someone you fancied, bought a jug of beer and yelled unintelligibly at each other over the noise the band was making. Then, if you were lucky, she’d come back to your house for some bongs, you’d have bad sex and then she’d move all her stuff into your place the next day. Read the rest of this entry »


Wrestling with The Wrestler

January 22, 2009



After seeing Mickey Rourke’s latest effort, I just couldn’t resist digging up a copy of that 1985 “masterpiece of erotica” Nine 1/2 Weeks. Unfortunately, although I’ve tried to watch it on three occasions now, I’ve been thwarted at each attempt by the sheer awfulness of it. Read the rest of this entry »

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition: “West Australian Editor Dumped”

January 15, 2009


“West Australian Editor Dumped” reports Fairfax’s Schadenfreude Times; alongside a riveting article about a maverick cigarette butt. Well, that’s a fackin’ start, eh (er, the dumping, not the butt)? Now, Mr K. Stokes, can we pretty fackin’ please do something about Pam Casellas? Read the rest of this entry »

Perth’s Wheel(s) of Misfortune

January 6, 2009


The new Wheel of Perth provides an interesting insight into the inept and unimaginative planning that our governing bodies at state and local level are famous for. While there’s nothing wrong with slavishly copying the London Eye tourist wheel, Perth Mayor Lisa Scaffidi should have considered whether there is actually anything worth seeing from a much smaller one perched on the edge of the Swan River. Read the rest of this entry »