Woody Allen Megaplex (Crap)

December 31, 2008
Why don't I believe this?

Why don't I believe this?

Vicky Cristina Barcelona @ Greater Union Innaloo Megaplex

I know, I know. I’ve complained about my local cinema’s lack of technical chops before. But I’m growing increasingly convinced that the Greater Union Innaloo Megaplex is some kind of remedial workshop for failed hedge fund managers. What other explanation could there be for advertising incorrect start times for a movie? It’s not an airline, it’s a cinema, for godsakes. Presumably, one knows how long the movie runs for, the time the ads take, how long it takes to do a perfunctory “clean-up.” Why then at the advertised start time, is the previous session still running? How hard can this be to get right? Read the rest of this entry »


DIY Baileys

December 22, 2008


Spazzed all your money on the share market and don’t have enough for fancy Christmas booze? Don’t panic! We proudly present our TRIED AND TESTED Australianised METRIC recipe for the delicious but apostrophe challenged Baileys Oirish Crème that is guaranteed to put Aunty Flo into a coma without fuss and quickly thrust other family members to undreamt of levels of festive domestic violence. Read the rest of this entry »

Dickin’ Around In Dardanup

December 14, 2008
Bright young things

Bright young things

Fear, Love and Idiosyncrasies
New works by Linda Skrolys and Russell Sheridan

Dardanup, home to artists Linda Skrolys and Russell Sheridan, also hosts the annual Bull and Barrel Festival, where punters can commune intimately with 3 trillion blowflies while wandering aimlessly around a paddock eating roast beef rolls and drinking indifferent wines. The festival culminates after the sun sets with the ritualistic burning of a huge wooden statue of a bull – think The Wicker Man, but somewhat less exciting as there isn’t a policeman trapped inside. Read the rest of this entry »

Fine Arts Graduate Show – University of Western Australia (UWA)

December 8, 2008
Happy punters


When I was studying tavernology at UWA back in the 80s the place didn’t have a fine arts department. No, sirree. UWA was where MEN went to do engineering or chemistry, or perhaps medicine if they were a bit effeminate. It was a blokes’ uni back then, sharply evidenced by the controversy that ensued when a woman had the temerity to enroll to do engineering. Read the rest of this entry »