I luv ya Jimmee!


When does fanboy signage cross the line into something unwholesome? Is it when it’s a male fan professing his undying commitment to a male entertainer (astute readers will notice that I didn’t use the word “singer”)? Why does this display on the rear window of a CUB’s ute make me uncomfortable?

Is it the size of the sticker? The muscularly unadorned sans-serif typeface? Is it because Barnes’ questionable ability to carry a tune indicates that the fan worship is directed instead at either Barnes’ excessive vodka drinking, unintelligible shouting or the shameless pushing of his kids on-stage for pecuniary benefit?

There’s a distinct Wake in Fright feel about this as well. An undercurrent of violent repressed homosexuality that runs right back to our convict beginnings and can sometimes be glimpsed through pop-cultural oddities such as this. Jesus, this is the true denizen of Australia that (our) Baz should have made his filum about.


2 Responses to I luv ya Jimmee!

  1. effjayh says:

    Why can’t we get a dvd of Wake in Fright.
    Can you get on to that please …

  2. claire says:

    ew, that’s creepy …

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