Delta Goes For Gold In Autograph Stakes

According to The Daily Telegraph, Delta Goodrem, our fave sort-of-singer, sort-of-actor and sort-of-babe, has just completed a NINE HOUR stint signing autographs at a Westfield shopping center. Fack, that’s gotta be some kind of record, doesn’t it? Did she have to wear an astronaut nappy?

But seriously, who is managing this poor girl? Whose advice is she taking? Even the most craven and incompetent showbiz handler knows that scarcity INCREASES value. Nine hours in a Westfield Shopping Center? You gotta work smarter, not harder, baby. Sack your manager for starters.

More Delta news (yeah, we’re obsessed)…

Delta’s sort-of-boyfriend makes sort-of-embarrassing fag gag
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2 Responses to Delta Goes For Gold In Autograph Stakes

  1. sharin says:

    Phew, thank christ you’re back. We were starting to worry that you had given up your scintillating take on the world
    at the risk of putting words into your mouth, can we have an olympic addition pls
    shit, everyone else has something to say about phelps problem adhd (although that’s a very strange way to spell “dad”), ponderings about the phelps/rice offspring, and the usa’s propensity to accept second best as AOK (what is that 30:35:34 GSB ratio about?)
    and please find out what happened to all the chinese second raters? – only 15 S and 22 B????

  2. astronaut nappy has a very nice cable around the hip area just the right stuff

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