Delta’s No Fag Hag, Mrs Goodrem Assures Us

Memo to Perez: Don't Get These Two Muddled Up

Smoking and Delta Goodrem – big news, it would seem. But the story now appears to have been deep-sixed on News Corp websites (ie. the Heath Ledger Memorial Website, sorry, I meant, which probably means Mrs Goodrem (Delta’s mum and erstwhile manager) has been working the phones.

Curiously, the original story has also disappeared from the source site, Perez Hilton (Perez ( was heavily referenced (graphically and textually) in the Perthnow/News Corp piece, the News Corp journo no doubt assiduously covering his/her arse fearing either a PROBLEMS WITH VAGUELY ACTIONABLE MATERIAL lecture from a dour and moribund News Corp lawyer or more likely an ear-shattering blast from Delta’s mum).

Here’s a link and a few riveting screen shots:

“I know that some singers do smoke but she is not one of them.”

There’s also concern resonating for Delta’s significant other, Brain (sic):

Poor Brain, let’s hope Delta’s obsessively helicoptering parents can put the twenty-seven year old on the straight and narrow.


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