Lure Of Squaddies Too Strong For Condi

What exactly is a “private” visit, hmm? But lets not get all wowseristic about this, Condoleezza’s a red-blooded neocon babe with needs and desires just like any other woman. And what the hell, if you were the most powerful woman on the planet, wouldn’t you use your jet to chase up some fun and frolics in far flung locales? And really, it’s hardly surprising that she desires the company of some real men, particularly after having to endure the sycophantic panderings of our emasculated and spineless pollies. More power to ya, sister.

(As reported by PerthNow).


2 Responses to Lure Of Squaddies Too Strong For Condi

  1. effjayh says:

    What a good looking cougar she is too!
    Good to see there are some human beings running this planet – more women on top, that’s what I say!!!!

  2. kev says:

    She’s gonna be out of job at the end of the year and she’s probably not that employable (there’s hardly a lot of “high points” to her career in the Whithouse) so what’s the best thing to do?

    Easy, release a sex tape.

    It worked for Paris so there’s no reason it won’t work for Ms Rice.

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