Mallee Root Redux

Astute Perthetic readers will already know that we have a special fondness for mallee root artifacts produced by Western Australia’s gifted artisans; particularly mallee root clocks. We can’t get enough of them – especially the ones with clocks AND barometers – and always stock up when we’re out (of the metropolitan area) and about (searching in vain for a decent cup of coffee) in the State of Excitement’s rural provinces.

Well, fellow devotees, we’ve just discovered there’s a MALLEE ROOT FESTIVAL!

Yep, we couldn’t believe it either, but you’ll find all the details on the Tourism Western Australia website. It’s in the “Quirky Events” section, which we found a bit odd. Quirky? Surely not. Doesn’t everyone get as healthily aroused as we do when it comes to mallee roots?

The quirky events section is a pretty good read anyway, and according to Tourism Western Australia, it’s where “you will find old-fashioned, rip-snortin’ Aussie fun.” It sure sounds fair-dinkum irresistible to us!

Ahem, anyway, I should clarify something about the mallee root festival. When I said you could find all the details on the WA Tourism website, that wasn’t quite true. In fact, the website has no details. Not surprising, perhaps, given they seem to be devoting all their resources to producing toe-curlingly cod parochial copy.

So here’s the lowdown on the Mallee Root Fiesta for what it’s worth:

The Pingrup Races and Root Muster, dress up as a Mallee root.
There are prizes galore, including best dressed root, biggest root and longest root.

As to when it is, etc., we have no idea. We’re keen to get our costumes happening (yep, they’ll have clocks in them) so any event information would be welcomed. Also, clarification on the categories would be helpful; does “longest root” refer to size, or how long you can tolerate wearing the costume for? And just what is “Best Dressed Root”?


One Response to Mallee Root Redux

  1. mary smith says:

    Re “searching in vain for a decent cup of coffee in the State of Excitement’s rural provinces….”
    It’s been a while since I was Perthetic, but I am soooooooooo glad I am back
    However, i am very disappointment to see that Willsters disregard for the facts fails to in hibit him from putting to gether a bloody good yarn
    So, for the record, I will put him straight – YOU CAN GET A GREAT CUP OF COFFEE AT MACCAS IN BUNBURY!!!!!!!!

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