The Argument For Boudoir Photography

Au contraire, this isn’t some diatribe concerning appalling media pics of female politicians. It’s about Kevin Rudds.

Which one would you vote for? The alternative Kevin Rudds (and the original, from look a heap better to me than does the real PM, who, frankly, has been a bit irksome lately. The Asian fellow would have got my vote out of the above contenders and the guy “GETTING SOME!” would have been my preference vote (ok,ok, I could change my mind).

Anyway, I was trying to find “bad” photos of Kevin Rudd (to even up the sexist bastard balance viz a viz Iguanagate nymph Belinda Neal MP) on Google and this is the best I could get. No Noo Yawk stripper pics at all!

Bi curious seeks BBW

Although there was this rather poignant snap of a reverse stripper. Clue: She’s the quiet one in the above photo that remembered to put down the fork. And doesn’t smile meaninglessly all the time.

And what about this?

Get some proper heels, please.


6 Responses to The Argument For Boudoir Photography

  1. N.I.C.K says:

    …who the f**k is Kevin Rudd’?

    The again who the f**k is Gordon Brown???

    Colonially yours

    blighty boy

  2. N.I.C.K says:

    …or is “Mrs Neal” the pre-op of “Mr” Kevin Rudd?

    I see via google that:

    “In an interview with Nine’s A Current Affair an emotional Mrs Batten said Ms Neal had drunk more than three glasses of wine and was “a bit more than tipsy” when the row with Iguanas staff broke out.”

    You have trained Iguanas to run your industry but have not shared the secred with the world? Shame on you!

  3. sharin iscarin says:

    She obviously needs to go to the Perthetic school of drinking – three glasses wouldn’t even rate as proper drinking!
    We also have moles in cans, maybe she should have had a couple of those instead…..

  4. N.I.C.K says:

    …if Belinda *still* looks like after three glasses of wine, what prescription beer googles would you recommend, doc?

  5. sharin iscarin says:

    I reckon you would have to have a couple of bottles (and bloody big ones at that) of the best, and a brown paper bag – if not to put over her head, then to throw up in after ……

  6. lemon peal says:

    Ah, you changed the pic of the two amigos ….. I thought they were laughing at themselves in one of the unflattering mirrors – shame on you

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