Docker Pav Moonlighting?

Aren\'t they paying enough?

Thanks to docker_tragic for this intriguing porno boxcover which appears to show ever-reliable-goal-kicker Matthew Pavlich reverse skull-fucking the Dalai Lama while flipping a victory sign with his right hand. It might be interesting to contemplate which one of those events is more unlikely. No word on where this curio came from (thank god).

Peace and Love


3 Responses to Docker Pav Moonlighting?

  1. effjayh says:

    So that’s why he’s not performing on the field – he’s shagged out from extra-footballicular activities …….

  2. sharin iscarin says:

    I want what she’s gonna get

  3. Aidan Shibuki says:

    WTH!? This is NOT Matthew Pavlich! It’s a frigging different pornstar…

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