Joondalup Community Art Exhibition

“What I have in mind is that art may be bad, good or indifferent, but, whatever adjective is used, we must call it art, and bad art is still art in the same way that a bad emotion is still an emotion.”
Marcel Duchamp

“Bad art is a great deal worse than no art at all.”
Oscar Wilde

City of Joondalup Community Art Exhibition
(until the 21st June at Lakeside Shopping City)

This exhibition of mostly paintings (all for sale) by Joondalup residents raises some intriguing questions. Firstly, how is it possible that in Joondalup, a city of 100,000 people, there are no artists? Statistically, that would seem quite unlikely to me, but it appears irrefutable once you have a gander at this little lot.

And what were the little red stickers next to some of the pieces? Did they mean that the work had actually been purchased? Or were they to indicate which pieces to incinerate at the conclusion of the exhibition?

Okay, okay, community art shows are a soft target; so I’ll shut up and let the pieces speak for themselves.


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