Trust Your Gomi Senses, Glasshopper…

Curbside Scavenging Report: Subiaco

Six weeks I’ve been gomi hunting
And every night, I dream of Subi
They say junk is what you’ll find there
But shit, it worked for me

For I’ve come South gomi hunting
I always scab, off the verge
Now I’m fossicking here in Subi
And my brain, it’s taken leave

(with apologies to The Warumpi Band and Neil Murray.)

A total gomi mind-set and presence. If you have it then you will be inexplicably drawn to a particular pile of trash, and, usually, extract some morsel of interesting tat. Thus, for me, a casual scavenging jaunt to Subi during their rubbish throw-out yielded up a car-full of unpricelessly fabulous trash in less than an hour.

Pocket Golf LCD Game: It goes “poot, poot, ptonk, skkrreech.” The bunkers on the tenth are a killer.

If gomi hunting is an inverse measure of the economy’s health, then as a nation we’re in trouble. It was swarming with other gomi hunters in Subi. At one point, we were behind a late model Golf (the car, not the LCD game mentioned above) which stopped all the time so the driver could jump out and PERUSE OUR TRASH before we even got to it!!! Jesus, the cheek of it. Worse, there was a guy in a panel van dogging our every move. Find your own street, buddy!

I was getting annoyed; so I accelerated and swung off into a cul de sac. Eureka! Four beautiful dining chairs (think, late fifties early sixties quality Australian made furniture), a chunk of Ikea wood. A golf game. A big box of old skool kids wooden blocks. And best of all, two beaut Delsey suitcases in great nick.

Yes, I’m afraid I’ve caught the French disease. No, not THAT French disease. This affliction compels you to always scavenge pieces of luggage. And I got not only the suitcases, but a quality Samsonite laptop bag stashed inside one the cases.

It was a kind of Russian doll arrangement. Inside the laptop bag were several promo backpacks from Pfizer that were presumably given out at a neurologists conference (according to the branding). Spurred on, I dug around for some mind-altering drugs, but didn’t find anything.

Chunk Of Wood: Fine piece of one-inch-thick Sino-Scandinavian high-density blonde wood. It looks like some tradie put a big router gouge in the edge of this nice piece of timber. It’s intended to be a chopping surface for a bench, methinks. I’ll trim it down a bit and sand it.

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One Response to Trust Your Gomi Senses, Glasshopper…

  1. claire says:

    looks like you’ve done your christmas shopping for this year, mate!

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