Art Menagerie: The Horn Collection

Hans Arkeveld, I think

The Horn Collection, Bunbury Regional Art Galleries

Bunbury and art. Strange bedfellows perhaps, but Perthetic art snobs could do worse than take the trip south to view a sampling of the Horn Collection now showing at Bunbury Regional Art Galleries (until June 15th).

Scrape it, baby, scrape it

The show is the first (and according to gallery staff, probably the last) public airing of works from this extensive private collection of contemporary West Australian art. There are around 100 paintings and sculptures on display – about a third of the total collection.

Liz and Lloyd Horn have been relentlessly hoovering up all manner of works by West Australian artists for twenty years so “eclectic” doesn’t begin to describe their collection. Indiscriminate? Maybe, but who cares? It’s the most fun you’ll have at a gallery with your pants on.

I’m talking about the sculptures specifically; an array of mechanical contrivances and bizarre pieces that resemble the result of a three-way collision between Tim Burton, John Wayne Gacy and a truckload of carnival gear.

It’s tempting to write off a lot of the pieces as the work of art school clever-clogs who equate weirder with artier, but I’d heartily recommend you suspend your critical faculties and just gawk at the stuff. It’s fun.


2 Responses to Art Menagerie: The Horn Collection

  1. blyth spirit says:

    impressed by regional art, willzer? that’s got to be a first
    i’ve seen the collection, and it definately rates a visit. there is little that is ordinary, much that is bizarre, and lots that it just worth looking at!
    the sculpture of an eating dog made from dog food cans and crates is dog gone impressive

  2. […] on Helicopter Girl (AU$12,000). I paused to ponder just who might have snapped it up and then I saw Liz and Lloyd Horn and it became clear. Let’s hope they keep it up; with local governments around Australia on […]

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