Yo, Biatch! Where Do I Pay My Parking Fine?

Recruitment section of Saturday\'s West

Tip for job hunters who might want to work for the local council, sorry, I mean “Team Stirling”: Get ink declaring your allegiance to your council and wear a pair of red heels.


8 Responses to Yo, Biatch! Where Do I Pay My Parking Fine?

  1. mary mucow says:

    Maybe this is the ‘attractive package’ they are offering successful candidates – a leather attache case, a pair of red stilettos and a branding – oops sorry tat – so you can never, ever leave
    Nice work if you can get it ……

  2. N.I.C.K says:

    …given the Council’s equal opportunties policy, are we not all making the assumption that the ad features a ‘bitch’ ?

    Yo-ly Your Bro from the Hampshire Hood

  3. effjayh says:

    Nice ankles for a bloke tho’, N.I.C.K.

  4. N.I.C.K says:

    …cleary, effjayh, you haven’t seen my ‘pins’, ducky…! 🙂

    Or for that matter the five o’clock shadow – or Albert – of the ‘lady’ in the ad…?

    Surely someone should be complaining to the Council about wasting good Oz Dollars on conceptually flawed recruitment advertising like this that breaches (or indeed in this case ‘breeches’) their own PC guidelines? I’m mean, they could have shown us some manboobs, just so we know it’s equal opps? And I mean, red patent leather shoes with THAT bag… tush!

  5. effjayh says:

    ha ha
    I agree, definately a style vacuum in the city of stirling
    but as for wasting oz dollars – they are always doing it
    you have to remember where the bloody hell we are – to paraphrase a recent tourism board advert aimed a luring unsuspecting travellers to our cultural vortex
    apparently we have dollars coming out of all of our orifici – buckets of it which they keep digging out of the ground
    as for your pins N.I.C.K – please, do show …..

  6. N.I.C.K says:

    …Nick’s pins are currently on holiday but will return in their full sun tanned glory shortly…

  7. N.I.C.K says:

    …at long last… Nick’s Pins…

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