The Thoroughly Modern Circus

Roll Up, roll up...

The kids dug it

“If it was not for the circus coming to town most people and children would not know what the animals looked like and all you animal do-gooders out there thanks a lot now a circus is not the same without animals as you all know when you were all kids I bet you could not wait for the circus to come to town.”
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“A whole seven incidences of animal cruelty in 11 years is surely a very small percentage. I think, what with the Tower of London’s history, for example, is that you folks must have more important moral work to do than worry about circus animals. And I think you should get about doing it. Mind your own business, surely that will keep you busy enough.”
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Quite. But with animal acts in circuses having effectively been abolished, what is there to fill the gawking vacuum left by the disappearance of the mangy lions and deranged elephants?

How about a bunch of first year performing arts students gamboling around with silk streamers and grinning like they’ve taken too much ecstasy? That model has worked a treat for Cirque du Soleil, to the tune of US$600 million a year, proving that under The Big Top you can never be too pretentious – as long as you do it in French.

The Silvers troupe...

Coming in at the other end of the circus-art-wank spectrum is the apostrophe challenged Silvers Circus (at Langley Park, Perth, until May 25th), that, without animals (ok, ok, a couple of doves) or any pretentious crap, manages to produce a surprisingly entertaining two hour show. There’s no sawdust but it is still, thank god, a proper circus.

Ancient Argentinean art of disco ball hooping

The African Five Stars, a group of tumblers from Tanzania; Gypsy Gomez, the Argentinean hoop girl; Mirela Pacriste, a high wire artiste from Romania.

How in god’s name do they find these acts? “Hey, Bob, I gotta ten minute slot to fill. Whatdya got in stock?”
“We just got a shipment of tumblers from Tanzania. I can Fedex ’em to you for Saturday.”

We\'re axing your act

I’m old-fashioned so I’d prefer to see some animals as well, you know, jumping through hoops or diving off high platforms. But in the absence of god’s creatures doing cunning stunts, Silvers still make a pretty good fist of what a real circus should be.


3 Responses to The Thoroughly Modern Circus

  1. mary mucow says:

    I saw it too and loved it
    maybe they should take away some of the chairs for the non existent audience and make it a bit more intimate – then you’d feel like you were in a crowd
    but 10 out of 10 for the acts – hi energy, hi skill, really really cool
    Recommend everyone to see them

  2. Anonymous says:

    i went to this circus three times when it came.
    and i guess i should mention how i’ve fallen in love with one of the african 5 stars 🙂
    they are just so dreamy when they dance hahaha.

    it was an enjoyable circus, and i would recommend it to anyone of all ages.
    Don’t forget to buy a snow cone either!

  3. mira says:

    the circus is not fun for the animals their r cpet in cages an elphant can live 80 yrs in the wild and 15 yrs in the circus

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