Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis Triggers Sub-Prime Signwriting Crisis

Obviously well cashed-up

Get rid of your house now! Ask me how!

The DIY-sign-on-light-poles affliction that was previously the hallmark of a dietary supplement that shall remain nameless seems to have now infected the real estate industry. We’re not sure how well the sign (on Scarborough Beach Road) does at bringing in leads; who knows, maybe it’s a multi-million dollar property trust just trying to look homely.

From MikeyD

Business owners: to save money on installing pedestrian paths, crosswalks and other traffic management odds and ends, simply declare your parking lot a “Shared Zone,” thus obviating any duty of care you may have for your customers.

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3 Responses to Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis Triggers Sub-Prime Signwriting Crisis

  1. karin evanmor says:

    I was so tempted. Finally, I thought, the property market is moving. I had all the documents ready for the big sign off! Then there was something about the sign which smelt of putrid lobster and thanks to Perthetic I have seen the light.
    Maybe it is property trusts, or maybe something much more sinister – Benny Cousins trying to off load some of his super payout?

  2. blightyboy says:

    …mmm I’m beginning to think Australia is a lot smaller than your tourist board is leading us to believe if a post-it note, like this, can dominate one of your Ozzie telegraph polls…?

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