Junk In The Trunk: Perth Motor Show

I\'ll take one if you can throw in some high heels.

Thank god for Jaguar! The only exhibitor with a babe on their stand. If you’re going to the motor show expecting lots of totty then you’ll be sorely disappointed and have to make do with ogling the cars instead.

Gives me a semi-tumescent carbon footprint.
And what a pedestrian bunch of vehicles they were, the Holden CV60 Coupe being the sole phallictastic exception.

The most crowded stand there
Who said the electric car was dead?

American engineering at its finest
Speaking of electrickery, the Hummer on display had its electrical system patched up with gaffer tape.

Warning! Warning!
Hyundai felt it appropriate to warn consumers about their vehicles.

Number 1s and 2s
The West pulls off another branding coup.

Three wheels good, four wheels bad
Italian manufacturers continue to slowly strive toward inventing the four wheeled vehicle.

Dang! If that don\'t beat all
[sigh] A looping video of a self-parking car attracted an appreciative audience of parking challenged punters.


2 Responses to Junk In The Trunk: Perth Motor Show

  1. sharin iscarin says:

    Perthetic at its best
    Great pics – i guess ive saved myself another big disappointment courtesy of perths desparate wanna play with the big boys efforts
    Get real Perth – go for something you can be excellent at, instead of putting on these half arsed shows
    Big congrats to the marketing people – it looked really tops on the ads!

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