Local Police Now Targeting: Cheech & Chong

Bong, Baby, Bong

Motoring around in a campervan daubed with implorations to smoke more pot is sure to add some excitement to an otherwise deathly dull drive between “tourist attractions” in the south-west. In between looking at very tall trees, freezing on windswept beaches, admiring mallee root clocks, eating indifferent and overpriced meals and being served bad coffee you can also look forward to the local cops tossing your van.

It gave me some laffs on an otherwise mundane drive to Bunbury but a quick visit to the Wicked Campers website proved that the van I saw was, in fact, positively restrained. If you think the Cheech & Chong mobile is a cop magnet, wait until you get an eyeful of some of the other vans that uncomprehending Eurotrash hit the road in.

Not to be sneezed at
Class A driver’s license required for this baby.

Undoubtedly a popular model with the ladies. (“had a hysterectomy…”?)

Butt officer, it\'s art!
“Hey, I toured Oz with a bunch of assholes!” Maybe the other side of the van has front-bottoms painted on it. “Hey, I toured Oz with a bunch of assholes and c*nts!”



One Response to Local Police Now Targeting: Cheech & Chong

  1. bazra says:

    some ppl – myself included – are so entranced by ‘the dream machine’ (cinema/tv) they believe ppl like cheech and chong actually exist and live lives like their movies. Personally, i believe that is why i took the hippie trail back in the 7o’s; i naively thought there was no downside to all these drugs. to cut a long story short, there is a downside.

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