Curbside Scavenging Report: Floreat

Mais est-il art?

There’s no better way to spend a warm autumnal afternoon than to go through other people’s junk, at least that’s according to Madame Fatale, my gomi hunting pal.

She told me her housemate had just made a couple of grand selling scavenged stuff through Quokka and that sounded good to me. Putting my freegan credentials front-and-center we hit the road to Floreat where a curbside collection was already in progress.

Stay Ahead Of These Guys

Timing is everything in the gomi hunting game, Madame Fatale tells me. Too early, and not everything is out; too late, and it’s all been picked clean. Professional gomi hunters plan their assault with military precision and you’ve little hope of finding anything good once the pros have been through a street. And of course, we were late on the scene. The council collection trucks were right behind us.

Luckily for us, Floreat streets are laid out like a mad woman’s shit, so even the most painstaking grid search would miss at least a couple of streets. And, as luck would have it, those were the streets we hit. It turns out that timing ISN’T everything, as we shall soon see.

Cool shit

Glengariff Drive

Ballerina biscuit tin.
Great tin but its smell inside reminded me of something from my childhood.

Two Doulton jugs.
Perfect condition! Amazingly, they were just sitting in a cardboard box, on someone’s verge. From a timeless heirloom to a gomi nugget, I don’t know what that means, but it’s unsettling.

Dendak Road

HP Scanner
Still in box with software.

Brother Electric Typewriter, with box of ribbons and correction tapes
Still all boxed. Wow, it even makes real typewriter sounds. TQBFJOTLD tested and passed.


Till Rolls
A whole box! I’m going to write messages on ’em and chuck ’em at the Dockers players at the Geelong game in the hope of spurring them to greater endeavors.

Tralee Road


Ricoh 500G rangefinder camera
In leather case, excellent condition.
I had one of these in high school! The shutter and aperture seem OK. Just need to put a roll of film through it (film?).

Book shelf

Donegal Road

Tool carrier
A nice wooden tool carrier/box. Quite old but staying together remarkably well. The kids bought me a Bunnings tool box for my birthday a few years back and it’s crap (sorry kids) so this is most welcome.

Not picked up

C\'mon Bill!

Box of CD drives,
C’mon Bill and Melinda. You made us buy this shit. Now how about we send it somewhere where it can at least be thrown at a mosquito.

Not Axel Rose<>

My dog isn’t called Ax, so I didn’t pick this beaut dog kennel up.

Analysing our results, I can only conclude that timing ISN’T everything. We found great stuff on the main streets well after the pros had been through. People put stuff out late, early, it doesn’t matter.

Quelqu\'un a pooed leurs pantalons, oui?


4 Responses to Curbside Scavenging Report: Floreat

  1. greeniesrus says:

    Great work, gomipods! Another suburban fallacy bites the dust. Can’t wait for the next instalment – some more upmarket burbs would be the go, where RD might turn out to be ming! and the camera might not need FILM? Can you get that any more?

  2. isle of lucy says:

    Floreat is a fabbo place to pick up great ( other people’s ) shit … I once found an 18 foot run-about, registered, on a perfectly good trailer – PRACTICALLY BRAND SPANKING NEW – just dumped on some leafy green Floreat verge ! You can imagine how chuffed I was when I hitched that little baby up & drove her home !! Honestly, I know it’s a throw away society and all that but some people must have more money than sense I reckon !

  3. […] astonishingly successful gomi hunting jaunt we undertook in Floreat a month back had us well primed for a curbside scavenging expedition to Nedlands this week. Just […]

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